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Welcome by "Hilfe für Kinder in Kambodscha e.V."

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope.
Hope breeds peace.   - Confucius -


Every year thousands of tourists visit the famous temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. But despite the tourism Angkor Thom Reap province is one of the poorest regions of the country. Only a few kilometers outside the city people are living in poverty, many are illiterate and many families having less than one dollar a day. There is a bad infrastructure and a lack of educational and health facilities. People have almost no chance to escape the cycle of hunger, poverty and ignorance.
Therefore the German Organization "Hilfe für Kinder in Kambodscha e.V." has built the Angkor-Thom Junior-High-School in Peak Sneng. It is taking care for the running costs and takes the responsibility to give the children, adolescents and young adults access to a qualified education and vocational training including health conscious, environmental and ethical lectures.
So many young people get a chance to shape their and their families future into a happy and dignified life. Only this way can contribute to a lasting reduction of suffering, misery and exploitation in Cambodia for future.
Only together with many open hearts, we have had the opportunity to build this project in order to help these lovely people and bring happiness, confidence and success in their lives.
Please support us so that we can maintain and expand it.


Special thanks to our partner


Only with the open hearts from our friends and supporters the projects could be realised. With their help we were able to build the school and also to maintain and expand.

Our special thanks go to:

Global Care e.V. of the company Knorr-Bremse in Munich, which has sponsored the infrastructure of the school and the construction of primary schools in peak Sneng and Sandan. We would especially like to thank Ms. Julia Schürhoff for her personal advice and active support.

Dr. Walter Keller, who has supported us from the beginning with generous donations and active help in Germany and Cambodia.

Mr. Richard Mayer, who funded the construction of the residential building for teachers and girls and also supported the project from the beginning.

Mrs. Elke and Mr. Peter Spitzweck of the Spitzweck foundation in Munich who supported the sewing center and elementary school with interior.

Mrs. Kornelia Knoppik, director of DHR Institute in Wolfersdorf in Germany, which provides the teachers' salaries for Angkor-Thom Junior-Highschool.

The company Trachten Deiser, especially to Mr. Karlo Töpfer, for the support enables the payment of employees' salaries.

Our friend Mrs. Emiko from Japan, who collected a lot of donation. With this support we expanded the health center and bought a piece of land for building the sewing and stonemason schools.

The Rotary Club Munich and Martinsried/Graefelfing, especially to Dr. Harald Tenschert for the interior of the girls boarding house  and the purchase of additional laptops for the computer instruction as well as payment for the computer teacher.

Lawyer Dr. Günther Bauer, who supports the project privat and also with his Advocate office.

Armin Kluge from Canada, who promoted many god parents and supports the biodynamic cultivation of vegetables in the garden.
Ingrid Helber, which provides us with her school experiences with words and deeds aside and thrilled her large circle of friends and acquaintances for sponsoring many godchildren.

All our friends and supporters who enable us to cover the running costs. Their support creates the opportunity of good education for the young people in Cambodia.

Allen Godparents who support our children and youths over many years financially and with her loving letters and advice.

The volunteers who supported our school with their abilities. They share their time, knowledge and enjoyment with our grateful students in Cambodia.

Please support us

We appreciate any financial support that helps us continue to cover running costs of the teachers and staff salaries, the food, the teaching and study materials and clothing.

You can also support directly a Cambodian child with a sponsorship. The students write letters to their godparents and we keep you informed about the childs school performance and developments. Send us a message if interested.

We would be very thanksfully, if you will support
our external students with 25 $
our Boardinghouse students with 35 $

Bank Account:
Hilfe für Kinder in Kambodscha e.V.
HypoVereinsbank München

IBAN: DE09 7002 0270 0654 7226 25


Volunteers are welcome to share their knowledge and skills and take initiatives. If you are interested in supporting our children as a volunteer please send us a message.

Who we are


Mr. Seng Sokchea
Our Manager Mr. Seng Sokchea:

I am 30 years old, married and I have two lovely little girls. I have been teaching English in Angkor Thom Junior High School for three years. Now I'm the responsible Manager on site in the name of Hilfe für Kinder in Kambodscha e.V.
I love working for this Organization and with our  students very much because it is a very good school that I have never met, where I have a place to stay with opportunities, food to eat and it makes me fun.

Mr. Chea Tech Sin
Mr. Chea Tech Sin:

I’m 34 years old. I am principle of Angkor-Thom Junior-High-School. I like working here because the school has good environment, good buildings with enough rooms to work, especially it has a lot of trees behind which give a very good shade. It also provides food, clothes, accommodation to the poor students in order to reduce drop out rate of the students whose families are very poor and far away from school. Moreover, it is a school that gives students free education with high quality and a good salary to the staff.


Mrs. Eng Khuch
Mrs. Eng Kuch:

I am 30. I teach Mathematic. I have been working here about 7 year since the school just opens. I’m really excited to work here because our school has provided me accommodation, meals, exceptionally the extra money beside the salary from the government. There are good opportunities such good plans and student they are very friendly.


Mrs. Duch Kunthea
Mrs. Duch Kunthea:

I am 29. I’m teaching Geography and History. I have been working here since the school just started in 2007. So I teach here nearly 6 years.


Mr. Min Kimsin
Mr. Seng Vannsen:

I’m 25 years old. I teach. I have been teaching Biology and Earth since the school started in 2007. I like teaching here very much because this school gives me everything, such as accommodation, food and especially sponsored extra money to all teachers. Moreover it has good environments, fresh and green Garden looking so attractive and the student study hard and they pay their attention for study. I really love teaching them, in my free time I like playing sports such as volleyball, football and so on.

Mr. Chhuon Chann Chhaya
Mr. Chhuon Chann Chhaya:

I am 25 years old. I am a Sport teacher and also a Librarian in Angkor Thom Junior High School. I am staying in the boarding house. It is a nice place. I like my job and love working with the students here.


Mr. Ros Vicheata
Mr. Ros Vicheata:

I’m 31 years old. I teach Khmer and Morality. In my free time I like reading and listening the news. I like teaching here. I want develop this remote area where I’m working through providing understandable knowledge.


Mrs. Lann Salang
Mrs. Lann Salang:

I am 21 years old, I’m single. I’m teaching Khmer language in Angkor-Thom Junior-High-School and staying in Boardinghouse. I studied RTTC Battambang (Teacher-training) two year ago. I have the purpose to continue Bachelor Degree Khmer Study in future.


Mr. Cleom Chan
Mr. Cleom Chan:

I’m an art teacher. I have been teaching in Angkor Thom Junior high school for 5 years. I teach how to draw the pictures in old styles and the modern pictures some times. In my free time I like drawing pictures and listening to music. I like my school. It’s a very good school and helps poor students in my community for a chance to study. The teachers are very good. I like teaching here so much.


Mr. Pean Teap
Mr. Pean Teap:

I am 22 years old. From grade 7 until grade 12 I was supported for school and lodging by “Hilfe für Kinder in Kambodscha”. Now I’m working at Angkor-Thom-Junior-High-School as an Assistant in the Management of this Organization. At weekend I'm studying Management at the University in Siem Reap.


Mr. Nov Samnang
Mr. Nov Samnang:

I am 46 years old. I’m admin assistant and English private teacher. In my free time I like playing sports, farming and fishing. I am living  near the School. I have been working here for 3 years. I’m happy to work in this school because the school has good policies to help the children in the poor Community at the country side of Cambodia.


Mr. Tith Saveourn
Mr. Tith Saveourn:

I am 54. My position is working as a Supervisor for Agriculture of Angkor Thom Junior High school. I have started work in January 2007. My objective is to farm a big garden that gives enough to support for school. I love to plant such as fruits and vegetable.

Khiev Mork & Khhon Nice
We are working as cooks together:
Mrs. Khiev Mork:
I’m 48 years old. I am working here for 6 years. My favorite hobby is listening to the radio and I like to prepare the food. I am really excited and proud to work here. I will take this opportunity to work hard for school and help the students forward.
Mrs. Khhon Nice:
I’m 32 years old. I have been working here about 6. My favorite hobby is listening to the radio. I am very proud to work here. Because that I am working as a cook it makes so much fun and I get the money to support my family.



Home for Students

"Hilfe für Kinder in Kambodscha e.V." runs a Boardinghouse, with a capacity of 60 students and 3 rooms for teachers. The house is located next to the Junior High School in Peaksneng. It is a place to support poor children visiting school. The students are provided with care, accommodation, food, educational supplies, health supplies, moral support and guidance. There are two separate buildings, one for boys and one for girls.

Now 27 boys, 26 girl and 11 teachers are living in the Boardinghouse. Some of the teacher are living far away from Peaksneng and so they stay during the week. For the boys and also for the girls we have a "House-Parent" which takes care of the students needs. Expecially in case of sickness or having problems they want to talk about, the "House-Parents" give advice and supervise them.

Here is one story of a girl, living in the Boardinghouse. Her name is Unarn, she is 16 years old and studies in grade 9 at the Angkor Thom Junior High School:

"My family is very poor and I have no mother, only a step-mother. All of my siblings stopped studying because we are poor and have no permantent place to stay. Now I visit school because of my uncle. He got information about Angkor Thom Junior High School and the oportunity for poor students to stay in the Boardinghouse because having no money. I filled the form and asked for staying in Boardinghouse. I like living here because I found a lot of friends. They are very friendly and also the teachers. I am very happy to be here. It is like I am living at my own home with a big family."

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Sewing School


With our sewing school we provide job training to young women in Cambodia with minimum education. The courses lasts ten month. By the end, each student is given a sewing machine, fabriques and material to start their new life with this new skill. 
The sewing students are learning how to sew bags, shirts, trousers and other clothes. We welcome young Woman in the age between 18 and 40. Most of them had less education in their life and this is the second chance to learn some skills for running a business. Additionally they are learning Maths and Khmer. 
After graduation most of the students return to their homes to start a small business. This affords them the opportunity to supporting their family. Others have taken advantage of the tourist trade in Siem Reap. 

Angkor Thom Junior High School

To give the students who attend the school the highest possibility of success, the Junior High School provides extra-tuition to all those who wish to attend - covering everything from the school curriculum, including English and, made possible through the recent installation of solar energy, computing classes.
Lunch is provided for all students daily. This acts as both an incentive to attend classes, and to remain at school through the afternoon and take advantage of the extra classes provided by the school staff.
It is increasingly important to the philosophy of the school to ensure that the local community understands the importance of educating its youth. In this way, there are constant attempts to foster a sense of community for the school - for the villages to see it as their school and an important asset to the future of their village. Community members are consulted regarding decisions about the school and other community assistance is provided, for example, community-supported agriculture (where assistance is given to villagers to grow produce to be sold back to the school kitchen) as well as community education.
The school also has a large agriculture program which produces a large proportion of the supply of vegetables for the school kitchen. Whilst helping to ensure the children receive nutritional meals, it also provides a forum to equip students with some valuable skills.